Is Unfiltered Coffee Bad For Your Health?

More and more people are finding joy in unfiltered varieties of coffee.

However, it’s worth considering the effects that these kinds of coffee can have on your health.

After all, they do tend to include more oils and higher amounts of other ingredients that may provide better flavor, but also aren’t the best for heart health.

To help you with maintaining your health while enjoying your brew, let’s take a look into what unfiltered coffee is and what you should watch out for.

What Does It Mean For Coffee To Be Unfiltered?

Drip-style coffee is a type that most people are familiar, and they typically make use of paper filters.

On the other hand, unfiltered coffee doesn’t use this kind of filter. It may use none at all, or a very basic filter designed only to keep the larger grounds from getting into your cup.

Some examples of unfiltered coffee include French press coffee as well as cold brew.

The heat of the water doesn’t really have an effect on what ends up in the final cup, since cold brew has such a long brewing process.

Effects Unfiltered Coffee Can Have

Coffee makers like the French press have become more popular in recent times because coffee lovers find that the taste is greatly improved over other options.

Largely, this is due to the added oils that are able to make it into the brew when you use this method.

What’s worth keeping in mind is that these oils, also known as diterpenes, can also have an effect on your cholesterol.

More specifically, they can bring up the “bad cholesterol” known as LDL.

Because of this, it’s very important to be careful with these kinds of coffee.

Coffee Solutions

While it can seem like a difficult situation, there ways that you can still enjoy your coffee without having to worry too much about your cholesterol.

To begin with, eating healthy meals, staying hydrated and making sure you’re exercising on a regular basis are all key ways to keep your body in good shape.

In addition, swapping out coffee for tea here and there can help to balance the added effects to cholesterol that can come with unfiltered coffee.

You can also choose to stick with filtered coffee more often than unfiltered, as it has less of a chance of effecting cholesterol.

However, keep in mind that you can still get the negative effects of having too much caffeine from filtered types of coffee as well.

Is Unfiltered Coffee Bad For You?

While unfiltered coffee may not be the worst possible thing you can put into your body, it is important to keep in mind that it can be responsible for raising cholesterol.

Essentially what this means is that it’s a good idea to enjoy it in moderation.

Limiting the number of cups you drink in a day can be a great way to do this.

If you’re tempted by the ability to make a lot of unfiltered coffee, then using something like a single-cup French press may help.

Otherwise, treating unfiltered coffee as a treat rather than a regular beverage is a great idea.

You can also choose to keep exploring options that are filtered, which won’t have as much of an effect on cholesterol health.

There really are many more choices out there than just drip-style coffee!

Comparing methods like the Chemex to French press can give you an idea of what differences there might be, and it still offers you a truly hands on experience with full control over your brew!

Explore your coffee options, and enjoy!